Powerhold 650 NE Patch Plus | Surface Preparation | Powerhold

Powerhold 650 NE Patch Plus

Powerhold™ 650 Patch Plus is a multipurpose, fast setting, polymer modified cement based patch and skim coating compound for use under resilient flooring, ceramic tile, hard wood flooring and any other floor covering surface.

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25 lbs.

Powerhold™ 800L Latex | Surface Preparation | Powerhold

800L Latex Additive

Powerhold™ 800L Latex is a specialized blend of latex to enhance the bond of and flexibility of the Powerhold 650 underlayment. When used in lieu of water, Powerhold 800L will significantly improve the bond and flexibility of most floor patching compounds.

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4 Gallon (15.141L), 1 Gallon (3.785L)


Powerhold 900P Primer

  • Powerhold 900P Primer is a specialized, high-solids formulation to be used over common substrates including: concrete, APA approved plywood underlayment, floor patch, gypsum, and lightweight concrete. This Powerhold 900P will improve spread rates and enhance the performance of the newly applied adhesives.

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  • 4 Gallon (15.141L)

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