5.5mm Powerply | Underlayment | Powerhold

UL 5.5mm Underlayment – PowerPly

PowerPly is a 5-ply agathis plywood serving as an ideal underlayment for vinyl sheet, vinyl composition tile, carpet, and other traditional floor coverings. Its unique 5-ply construction makes it indentation resistant, dimensionally stable, non-staining and completely void free. As with all wood products, proper storage and handling will ensure the best performance and a trouble-free installation.

  • Value price point

  • 20 year warranty

  • Non-staining

  • Void free

  • Powerhold’s unique fan shaped nailing pattern prevents the nailing pattern from being visible from the surface.

  • Available with or without the nailing pattern

Product SKU:
UL 5.5mm

Product Size:
5.5 mm - 0.2165"


UL 6mm (1/4”) Premium Underlayment

Powerhold UL6mm plywood underlayment is designed for use under vinyl floors, vinyl composition tile, and for general uses where 1/4 inch plywood is an approved floor underlayment. It’s unique 5 ply construction gives Powerhold UL6mm floor underlayment a significant advantage over more traditional 3 ply floor underlayments in strength, hardness, and durability. Exterior grade phenolic glue provides added insurance against water damage from floor cleaning and occasional flooding caused by plumbing or appliance failures.

  • Solid Core, no voids

  • Non-Staining

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Powerhold’s unique nailing pattern

  • Available in 4×4, 4×5 and 4×8 sizes

Product SKU:
UL 6mm

Product Size:
6 mm - 1/4"

 9mm Premium Underlayment | Underlayment | Powerhold

UL 9mm (3/8”) Premium Underlayment

9mm plywood underlayment is specifically designed for use under ceramic tile floors when 3/8 inch plywood is an approved underlayment. The 7 ply construction makes the panel stronger, harder and more deflection resistant than typical 3-ply 3/8 inch softwood plywood panels. The exterior grade phenolic glue provides the extra water resistance required for use under ceramic tiles in non-immersion applications.

When new vinyl floors are being installed after old ceramic, wood, or laminate floors have been removed, a height difference is created where the new vinyl meets cabinets or doorways. Use UL48 9mm plywood underlayment in these areas instead of using double layers of thinner underlayment.

UL9mm plywood underlayment meets the requirements of the Tile Council of America and other specifying organizations for use anywhere 3/8 inch plywood is approved.

Product SKU:
UL 9mm

Product Size:
9 mm - 3/8"