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Sports FloorRecycled Rubber Flooring

Product Dimensions / Formats
Sports Floor Roll | Sports Floor | Powerhold48"
Interlocking TilesSize Module
Interlocking Tiles | Sports Floor | Powerhold36" x 36"
Square TilesSize Module
Square Tiles | Sports Floor | Powerhold36" x 36"
Standard Thicknesses
US MeasureMetric
1/4"6.35 mm
3/8"9.5 mm
1/2"12.7 mm
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Close Up View of Chip Color

  • Slip Resistant, even when wet
    Use interior or exterior
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Scuff and Stain Resistant
  • 5 Year Wear Warranty
  • Impact & Shock Absorbent
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Recommended Applications:

  • Exercise & Weight Rooms
  • Ice Rinks / Locker Rooms
  • Basements / Playrooms
  • Workshops / Hobby Rooms
  • Pet & Utility Areas
  • Mud Rooms / Storage Areas
  • Commercial / Industrial Spaces
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Environmental Attributes

Our product is high quality recycled rubber material made using scrap rubber from the recycling of truck tires and virgin rubber materials, saving energy, reducing oil consumption and keeping millions of pounds of tire waste out of landfills.

Powerhold Rubber Flooring conforms with indoor air quality and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission requirements and is itself a recyclable product.

LEED & Powerhold Rubber Flooring

MR 4 - Recycled Content - Up to 90% Post Consumer Recycled Content

EQ 4 - Low Emitting Materials/Adhesives Specified Adhesives Meet SCAQMD 1168

Sport Floor Swatches | Sports Floor | Powerhold

Powerhold Recycled Rubber Custom Roll Length Program
No Standard Roll Lengths = Reduced Waste and Seams

Order a Minumum of 120 s/f (30 l/f) and Additional Lengths in Full 1 Linear Foot Increments

Quick Ship Rolls Goods Program - Ships in 6 Working Days!

1/4" Quick Ship Colors:10% Terra Cotta Red, Green, Blue, Tan, Eggshell, Gray & Solid Black
3/8" Quick Ship Colors:10% Terra Cotta Red, Gray, Blue, Tan, Eggshell, Lipstick Red & Solid Black

Quick Ship 36" Interlocking Tile Program - Ships in 2 Days*

1/4" Quick Ship Colors:20% Tan & 20% Blue
3/8" Quick Ship Colors:10% Gray, Blue, Tan & Solid Black
*Limited quantities available as Quick Ship Items

3/8" Tiles Available as Center, Corner & Border Tiles

Test MethodPowerhold Typical Value
Durometer, Shore A, Points of HardnessASTM D2240-9760
Density, lbs/ft3ASTM D297-93 Part A, Section 16.364
Compressibility @ 100 psi, %ASTM F36-9512
Recovery, % after 100 psi compressionASTM F36-9585
FlexibilityASTM F137-71(1994)F=1
Tensile, psiASTM D412-98a, die C @ 20ipm
With Grain600
Against Grain450
Tear, ppiASTM D412-98a, die C @ 20ipm
With Grain150
Against Grain120
Compression Set, %, 22 hours at 158°FASTM D395-98, Method B
25% deflection40%
50% deflection30%
Coefficient of FrictionASTM D1894-95
Critical Radiant FluxASTM E 648-990.1 W/cm2
Flammability and Flame SpreadDOC FFI-70 CSPCPass
Indoor Abrasion, % of Material LossASTM C501-84(1996)0.24
Resistance to Chemical AttackASTM F925-97
AmmoniaNo surface attack or color change
BleachNo surface attack or color change
DisinfectantNo surface attack or color change
AlcoholNo surface attack or color change
TideNo surface attack or color change
5% NaOH SolutionNo surface attack or color change
Human SweatNo surface attack or color change
Instrumented Impact, absorbed energy at rupture, ft/lbsASTM D3763-0020
Static Load Limit, residual compressionASTM F970-98.0016*
Rubber in Compression, % deflectionASTM D575-91, 500 lb. Load43
Compression Endurance10,000 fatigue cycles at 50% displacement5% set